Managed IT

Virtual IT Department


device_mgmtHire a company, instead of a single employee.  With the Tek-Hut Virtual IT Department, you gain our entire staff's knowledge, support, and service for a low monthly cost.  When you weigh the cost of an employee, benefits, sick time, vs outsourcing, you will soon realize not only the responsiveness is better, the knowledge is greater, but the cost is less.

Tier 2 Support

If you already have your own IT Staff, and are just looking for some good advice, you've come to the right place. Tek-Hut has hourly, monthly or Service Level Agreements available. One size doesn't fit all in IT, Tek-Hut can customize a solution that will fit your needs.

Software as a Service

Tired of managing hardware or software instead of your business? Tek-Hut has a variety of technology specific solutions that will make your life easier. No more upgrading hardware, software, maintain updates, repairing hardware, late nights wondering if your data is still backed up; leave it to the experts at Tek-Hut to provide you a simple managed service.