Our Customers

Our focus is to deliver the best in products and service to our customers, we aspire to be the gold standard in technology solutions.

Tek-Hut's proficiency cannot be overstated. They have maintained expertise in Microsoft's software offerings, understand networking both wired and wireless, and have proven through their history that they are able to master the advancing and ever-changing world of technology. Most importantly, Tek-Hut has retained their focus on education.

Brandon Hunt, Director of Technology, Filer School District

Tek-Hut's service does not end with the sale. The staff is quite capable and have assisted me on several occasions with network configurations and other issues.

Chris Hinze, Technology Director, Cascade Public Schools

In addition to keeping our network up to date and functioning, Tek-Hut has rescued us from several technology emergencies. They have been available at odd hours, over weekends, or even holidays to step in and take the necessary time to get us back up and running.

Ryan Smith, Dietrich School District

One particular project, with which Tek-Hut has helped our district with, was the installation and setup of Lightspeed Systems. This solution provides us with a suite of tools that includes content filtering, mobile device filtering, email archiving, spam filtering, antivirus protection and My Big Campus...

Rosann Matthews, Technology Director, Rockland School District

I have dealt with the company since its inception and have without exception found their service to be timely, top notch, and crafted to met the unique needs of my district. They are forward thinking and always willing to dedicate resources to deliver best of class service. They have kept me apprised of products and services that have saved my district not only significant amounts of money but the hardship and grief one encounters when a technology either over promises or under performs.

Mike Huttanus, Technology Coordinator, Kimberly School District

I have worked with Tek-Hut for the past 5 years in various capacities. Our techsupport team in Mountain Home consists of three former teachers and the expertise of Tek-Hut has helped us to maintain a network of over 1500 computers, switches, servers and the software required for the operation of a medium sized school district.

Kerri Reynolds, Technology Director