Public Safety – DAS

What is DAS? Distributed Antenna System (DAS)

Public Safety Solution 

A DAS is an in-building communications system that brings wireless signals into a structure from the outside, amplifies with a signal booster, and evenly distributes the amplified signals throughout the building. Since 9/11 new regulations have been adopted on the local, state and national level to ensure law enforcement, fire, EMS and government employees have dependable radio coverage in the event of an emergency.

First Responded Distributed System (DAS) ensure emergency personnel can maintain radio communication throughout all parts of a building during an emergency. Emergency communications are needed during fires, natural disasters, security threats and more.

Benefits of DAS

Public safety DAS ensures that first responders in a crisis are able to maintain communication with each other in order to unify their efforts, therefore providing a more efficient response to an emergency situation. 

A reliable DAS system in place can make all the difference during an emergency. That’s why institutions such as NFPA and IFC set regulations as well as work with the local government ensure that requirements and measures are set in place that will generate a more efficient, reliable, and life-saving communication system for emergency responsders and those affected by a crisis. 

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