Keep your devices secure

Support your staff and students’ trend to bring their own devices to school with advanced security applications that manage network access and usage. Create a filter that balances safety and access. Create temporary filter overrides to open up access for a lesson plan or limit access to keep students focused. While staying within the central constraints IT has set. Manage devices for the entire group or individual user. 


Centralized management that gives you control


Get going in minutes with quick cloud setup and touchless out-of-the-box experience

With mobile devices coming into schools in increasing numbers, administrators need smart solutions to simplify management. Lightspeed Systems Management Bundle for Windows, a complete solution for the management of Windows and other devices in education.

The bundle gives you more so you can do more

  • Office 365 integration
  • Multi-OS management
  • Remote wipe
  • School-based hierarchical policies 
  • Microsoft Store Portal integration
  • Camera and Bluetooth on/off controls
  • On/off campus and timed policies